Appointment’s for Eid !

25 Aug

kindly, note that starting Sunday the 28th of August no appointments will be given to customers as we will be serving under the basis of 1st come 1st serve 🙂

If you want to avoid the Eid pressure, please book your appointment now by dialing our number in 25714282, appointments will be booked until Saturday the 27th of August.

Hopefully we will be able to serve our clients with the best and utmost professionalism as always.

Enjoy your Eid Glam and get DeEmZzed !




OPI Disney and the Muppets

24 Aug



One of the 3 colletions coming out this fall 2011 from OPI is the Disney and the Muppets collection !

Cant wait !!!!!

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish

24 Aug

Liz Earle was one skin care line that I wanted to try for a very long time due to the amazing reviews it gets and the  many awards it recieved !!!!

I finally ordered the Cleanse & polish which you apply on your face with or without makeup and message on to your skin. Once that is done you then get the muslin cloth it comes with (2 pieces )  wet it with hand warm water and start to wipe of the cleanser . The muslin cloth is a very fine fabric that does not harm the skin but yet it takes off all those dead cells which will result in a  more glowing and softer skin ! 🙂

The Liz Earle line also has a toner which I did not order as I am not a fan of toner’s so I apologize for not being able to comment on it 😦

The skin repair moisturizer is an amazing product that sets perfectly onto your skin after using the cleanser ! I seriously felt my skin softer as soon as I applied it ! Such an amazing  product that can be applied morning and night ! Suits best for those who have  normal to combination skin !

To order , get more info or check our the multi awards it won please visit their official site

DeEmzZ Salon 2nd Anniversary Celebration!

22 Aug

As promised here are a few images of DeEmZz 2nd bday celebration!

We  celebrated by letting customers who did a service on that day to  pick one envelope out of many envelopes ! Each envelope differs in prize by entitling customers to get either a free service , discounted service or an empty envelope where they can write what service they will want us to provide them on their next visit. All envelopes have a validation period of 1 month.

The funny part is that we @ DeEmZz were more excited to see what envelope customers picked ! I can tell u it was stressful lol 🙂

Hope those of you who came and celebrated with us enjoyed your time 🙂 

For all of you who sent us messages through Facebook,twitter and email we thankyou very much !

We are opened to any idea you have for our next promotions so please do share !

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20 Aug

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Gergian @ DeEmZz

20 Aug

 We love celebrating at DeEmZz , so yeah we celebrated Gergian by giving our customers some yummy Gergian to take home !

Here are a few pictures of how we celebrated Gergian !

Believe me , we all gained weight from eating those chewy,caramalized chocolate yummies ! (if you don’t have a sweet tooth you wont get this sentence) 🙂

Happy 2nd Birthday DeEmzZ salon

16 Aug

Seems like it way yesterday since DeEmZz 1st opened it’s doors to glam up its customers and here we are today celebrating DeEmzZ 2nd bday ! how time passes by 🙂

For all the positive responses we get at DeEmzZ , it most likely is dues to the professional staff working there providing their customers with the best service while a smile is drawn on their faces.

For all the negative responses , we do welcome them and will do our very best to find a solution or a way to turn those responses from being negative into positive ! knowing the negative is always a positive thing 🙂

For all the customers, who stood by us,supported and even advertised for us we appreciate you the most and know what value you are to us! Thankyou once again !!!

Finally for DeEmZz , thankyou for being the place we all go to when we need to relax,be alone,feel pretty and have importance ! thankyou for being there !

Happy 2nd bday DeEmZz

FYI – A special drawl promo will be carried on today @ DeEmZz to get an appointment please call us quick 25714282 !


DeEmZz 2nd Anniversary Celebration Promo !!!

14 Aug

Since the opening of DeEmZz salon in August 16th 2009 , I can’t even begin typing that we will be celebrating its 2nd anniversary this Tuesday 16th of August  !

So yeah ! we will be celebrating loudly by allowing our customers to join our raffle which will be filled with many many envelopes and in each you will get a special discount,free service or a pick again chance !!

Rules & Regulations :

  • You have to book a service on that day !
  • The validation of service written on each envelope is 1 month only.

How to cheat :

  • If  coming with a friend make them stay back and tell her your going to pick her envelope. If you like her envelope more swap it with yours ( we can help 🙂 )
  • Take your time when picking your envelope!
  • Ignore my staffs excitement when picking and concentrate in getting a valuable card.
  • If you need assistance in cheating all u have to do is ask 🙂 we also offer cheating services  hahahaha !

For appointment please call us on 25714282

Material Girl Beauty

13 Aug



The Material girl along with her 14-year-old daughter Lourdes have extended their teens fashion line to beauty products. Their beauty line will include lotions,lip glosses, body sprays followed by Eye makeup in September.

All products vary from 7$ to 12$ and are exclusively sold in Macy’s.

Bye Bye greasy eyelids

12 Aug

Ok, so I think most of us one time or the other have witnessed greasy eyelids after a few hours of applying our shadows,and I  know how irritating it is not only for us but for whoever is facing us ! ewww!!!

Some of us may not need or like to wear foundation on a daily basis but still we need to cover up those black under eye circles, veins, or any discoloration for that fact ,and guess what ? this post is your solution !

When purchasing from any makeup counter you can simply ask for an eyelid/shadow base  that would matte out your lid and make it the canvas you want to start working with not to forget keeping it anti-greasy( I think i just made my own word here 🙂 )

Pictures in this post show you my favourite eye primers that I have used and repurchased for a while .

Urban decay Primer potion — this is an amazing eyeshadow base that Urban Decay is very well-known for making . Most makeup artist in the UK work and recommend it  24/7, but the down fall is that Urban Decay is not an available brand in Kuwait. I know very sad 😦 but if you’re in the UK make sure you get one or even faster order online.

FYI– The purple primer is kinda transparent whereas the beige is more of a creamy base.

Mac Paint pot– I love Mac paint pots because not only do they work as eyeshadow primers they also work as a soft base for building up shadows or if u come along that day and want a simple eyeshadow you can just pop it on without any shadow needed. Seriously your shadow  will last for hours 🙂 they come in so many shades but my favourites are pictured above.

Hope this helps some of you out there.

Have a good weekend 🙂